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Luxury Redefined

Few places in this beautiful world provide people with the luxury and tranquility that Aruba does. Each year thousands of people travel to this gem on the Caribbean Islands and make unforgettable memories with friends and family. At RE/MAX, we are proud the be a part of it all. Our RE/MAX Luxury Collection provides you with the most comprehensive look at prime properties in Aruba and delivers unparalleled services in the real estate industry. The time to experience the wonder of Aruba is now – step right in and enjoy!

Luxury homes for sale Aruba

The RE/MAX Collection

Beautiful oceanside views, multiple bedrooms, exceptional amenities, and much more are part of the homes offered here. Vacation homes, permanent residences, Luxury Condos —it is all available for those who seek the Best. Our Home Collection catalog will surely help you find a home that fits your needs and provides the luxury life (Aruba) that you seek.

The RE/MAX Luxury Collection provides:

  • An unprecedented catalog of properties in Aruba from 500k and up.
  • Expert real estate agents willing to stand by your side each step of the buying process.
  • Regularly updated information regarding the housing markets.
  • Information on Aruba’s vibrant culture.

Why Aruba?

Because Aruba is luxury redefined. It has thrived for years and continues to be one of the world’s top destinations. Aruba is low on crime, has minimal poverty, boasts unique attractions, and provides an escape for those looking to disconnect for a while. The RE/MAX Collection in Aruba is a crowning achievement that provides clients with luxury not found anywhere else in the world. From properties with a house pool to those right on the beach, we have the property you need (including the best condos Aruba has to offer).

A Type of Lifestyle

The type of lifestyle that the Caribbean island provides is part of its great appeal. Relaxing sceneries, excellent restaurants, luxury shopping, and imported goods from across the world all form part of a lavish lifestyle. Purchasing houses in Aruba could be the first step toward establishing a connection with the culture and luxury of the Caribbean islands.  

Explore The Collection

It is with great joy that we welcome you to explore The RE/MAX Luxury Collection and to contact us to inquire about what is possible through the help of our agents. Aruba is a truly exceptional experience, and we are thrilled to offer our clients a foothold in this paradise. Buying property in Aruba has never been easier.

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