Buying a House in Aruba

Tips & Advice when Buying your second home in Aruba

Tips & Process when buying your dream home in Aruba

The RE/MAX Collection is all about the process, and that is why we want to share here with you some tips on buying a house in Aruba. If you’re hoping to find a second home, Aruba is a great place to look. Each tip that we provide comes from years of experience in the real estate business and is catered to individuals looking for luxury homes. Buying property in Aruba should not be a painful process – it should an exciting experience from start to finish.

Finding Luxury

The RE/MAX Collection aims to help connect buyers looking for prime real estate and sellers who want serious offers for their high-end properties. Our specially curated collection of luxury homes ranges from $500,000 USD to millions of dollars, making it the perfect place to start your search for your dream home in Aruba. Find deluxe condos and villas for sale, multi-million-dollar mansions and estates with ocean views. We offer just about anything else you could ask for in the most beautiful areas such as Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Malmok.

See Luxury

Each photo on this site does an excellent job of showcasing the very best aspects of the home in question, but we encourage you to see the property for yourself. Luxury homes must be experienced, after all. We are therefore adamant in advising our clients to tour the property and the surrounding areas. Aruba has some beautiful sites, and many of the homes here in The Collection are in the vicinity of fantastic restaurants and shops.

Invest in Luxury

Purchasing a home is a significant investment that can yield a high return in the long run. During the home buying/selling process, we recommend to our clients that they remain proactive by keeping track of all financial aspects of the deal. Documenting the process and consulting with experienced business advisors and your trusted realtors should be second-nature. We are here to serve you and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Consult with Professionals

Ultimately, a great home buying experience comes down to the team you have behind you. At RE/MAX, we know what you are after and do our best to make obtaining your dream property in Aruba possible. The homes you will find in The RE/MAX Collection sit atop the housing market in the area, and their purchase requires an attention to detail that we possess. Consult with us today by calling our office at +297 586 4900 or send us an email at